Teach in China

Teach English in China

If you wish to teach English in China, please send a letter of interest, along with a resume (one-page limit), via e-mail to: UsChinaEducation@yahoo.com.

Tthe host in China asks that you include a good scan copy of your passport (for visa pre-approval purpose).

To qualify for the work permit to be approved by the Foreign Experts Bureau in China, the applicant needs to have a bachelor's degree (in any field) and two years of post-graduation experience (in any area, althou teaching experience is preferred).

Send a message of interest with resume to us via email at UsChinaEducation@yahoo.com . 

---Two letters of reference are also required.

Retirees from any profession are also welcome to apply.Teaching experience is not required. Native English proficiency is mandatory.

The following links give you an idea of what a typical teaching position is like; it is in Baoying (part of the City of  Yangzhou, which is not far from Shanghai):  Position Description; Info about Baoying; Living Facilitiies

If a contract is offered following a telephone interview, the applicant will need to provide the following:

  1. a valid passport that does not expire within the next two years
  2. photocopy of the bachelor's degree (and other degrees, if applicable)